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Mona Lisa Pecorino Cheese with Olive Oil, Garlic & Chilli Pepper

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This cheese is made with with olive oil, garlic & chilli pepper, making it the perfect cheese by itself for a dinner party, or just to enjoy yourself. The fine taste of theses cheeses are due to the Sheep’s buttery milk which is very smooth and creamy.

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Quality raw materials are a must for Salcis, hence their decision to start breeding their own animals, to allow them to control the whole production chain. Salcis sheep farm, created in 2015 in the splendid area of Fogliano, just 2 km from Siena, is a model facility, thanks to the natural materials it is built with and the care taken to ensure the well-being of the flocks.

All the ranges of Pecorino sheep’s milk cheese, aged and matured for a variety of periods, are made with milk from the pastures of Crete Senesi area, where Salcis animals are also bred.


Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, olive oil, garlic, chilli pepper

Storage Conditions: Keep refrigerated at a lower temperature of 14ºC


Energy 1645 kj/397 kcal
Fat 33g
-of which saturates 22g
Carbohydrates 1.8g
-of which Sugars 1.8g
Protein 23g
Salt 1.6g

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