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Capocollo Sotto Vuoto

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Approx 1000g

Price per kilo, whole piece only, not sliced (very limited stock)

Available from late November.


Capocollo is a cured meat produced from the pork neck muscle. For its preparation, the leanest and tastiest parts of the muscle are selected, located between the junction of the head and the fourth rib of the yoke, the head-neck. It is perhaps the most delicate part of the pork, characterized by bright red lean meat due to salting and subsequent stewing.
Flavoured with coarse ground black pepper and wild fennel seed.

How to prepare the seasoned Capocollo and the combinations to enjoy it at its best at the table?

When we go to prepare a product of Italian food excellence we must never forget that the first goal is to respect its integrity and enhance its characteristics, without overwhelming it. The taste of the cup is sweet and delicate and brings with it a slight hint of flavour, something that goes best with a slightly aged red wine. Capocollo is a cured meat to be discovered, which must “open”. To enjoy it to the fullest, you need to let its scents unfold at room temperature. In this regard, it is advisable to slice it at least ten minutes before serving, so that contact with the air allows the meat to best express its aroma.

Capocollo is one of the classic cured meats to be included in the dishes of cold cuts appetizers. It will not be difficult to seduce our diners by preparing a small platter of Tuscan cold cuts with Capocollo, Prosciutto, Salami, a few pieces of semi-aged pecorino, aubergines and zucchini in oil and maybe some olives in brine. The cup goes well with semi-wholemeal homemade bread, interacting with the sweet notes of the bran. But it is also served as a light main course, accompanied by grilled vegetables or salads, not forgetting a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Note: This product is only sold as a whole piece at this stage, not sliced. Share it with friends and family. The price is per kilogram. Once pre-ordered and the product has arrived, we will be in touch for the final price per piece. (Estimated are approx 1kg per piece)

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How it’s made: the processing and maturing of Capocollo

To produce Capocollo, the neck muscle is trimmed and degreased. At this point they proceed with the salting, which takes place vigorously massaging the product, so that the salt, peppercorns, garlic and other spices can deeply penetrate the meat, giving it the desired taste and consistency. This is a very long and delicate phase. Depending on the size of the pig and the level of maturation, it will be necessary to extend the operation to bring the aromas to the center of the cup.

The freshly salted Capocollo are then left to rest in the special salting tanks inside the cold room. Here the ripening is slow and controlled and proceeds for about six weeks. At the end of this period the cups are removed from the brine, wrapped in a natural casing and tied tightly, it is here that the meat begins to take on its characteristic appearance. But Capocollo is not ready yet, it needs a short period of hot drying before proceeding with the actual seasoning. This phase, which lasts from four to six months, takes place inside well-ventilated rooms, where the cured meats are hung and checked one by one. It is in fact in the last weeks that the cups acquire their full organoleptic quality.

Capocollo, at the end of maturation, is slightly rounded at the ends, in its cylindrical shape. The consistency is firm, but it doesn’t have to be too hard or dry.

When cut, in addition to releasing its typical scent, it shows a compact mass, with a distinct separation between fat and lean parts. Along with the taste in the mouth and nose, colour is another parameter through which to distinguish an excellent artisan cured meat from an industrial product. The colour of the aged Capocollo is red, interspersed with white parts, which can tend towards pink.

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