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Bruschetta Mediterranea

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It is very easy to say “I’ll prepare a bruschetta”, but do you know that even this very simple recipe has its rules?

It is not enough to toast a slice of bread and dress it with oil and tomato. To prepare a bruschetta properly you must respect very specific rules!

The bread for the bruschetta

The homemade one is the best because it has a compact crumb that remains crunchy while absorbing the seasonings well. Beware of sliced ​​bread, packaged bread specifically for bruschetta and overly worked bread with different flours and cereals of different kinds.


The bruschetta bread must be warm and crunchy. You can toast it in the oven, in a non-stick pan or on the griddle, but it will never be as good as that cooked on the hot grill.
Just cut the slices thick enough and then cook them two minutes on each side until they are golden on the outside and soft in the heart.

The seasoning

A slice of warm, crunchy bread is already so good natural, but if you rub it with a clove of garlic and season it with oil and salt it becomes a wonderful meal.
If you want to add real Italian flavors, we recommend our Bruschetta Mediterranea Spread with green beans, celery, oil, black olives, green olives, salted anchovies, garlic, parsley, salt, hot pepper.

Another secret of the perfect bruschetta is the temperature.
The bread must be cooked and seasoned and then immediately consumed otherwise the seasoning penetrates too much inside the crumb making it moist and soft.

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  • green beans
  • celery
  • oil
  • black olives
  • green olives
  • salted anchovies
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • salt
  • hot pepper


The Locanda La Posta (Agroalimenta) has been in existence since the beginning of the 17th century. In 1804, Mr Vassalli, an Italian abbot and very important scientist, came to Cavour with the new instrument he had invented to measure the height of the Rocca hill, which is very close to the Locanda. During the centuries, the Genovesio family has given hospitaliy to many famous characters from the field of politics, economics and entertainment. Recipes and secrets are passed down from generation to generation to preserve the ancient tastes.

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