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Amaretti Morbidi

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Amaretti are slightly bitter biscuits, crumbly on the outside, soft on the inside. Amaretti are biscuits born from the need to use egg white following the preparation of yolk-based desserts.
The term amaretti comes from the bitter taste given by the armelline (peach and apricot seeds, used in pastry).

Today in Ticino, pastry chefs promote the white amaretto as a typical product of the region. They are of great importance in local pastry: they are particular macaroons for their original shape and soft consistency.

For pastry shops that make macaroons, this is a rather important cookie. It is in great demand by Ticino residents and tourists. They are produced all year round, but particularly in anticipation of weekends, holidays and events that attract tourists such as the grape harvest festival and throughout the summer.

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The Locanda La Posta (Agroalimenta) has been in existence since the beginning of the 17th century. In 1804, Mr Vassalli, an Italian abbot and very important scientist, came to Cavour with the new instrument he had invented to measure the height of the Rocca hill, which is very close to the Locanda. During the centuries, the Genovesio family has given hospitaliy to many famous characters from the field of politics, economics and entertainment. Recipes and secrets are passed down from generation to generation to preserve the ancient tastes.

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