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Ricciarelli Cacao

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This pastry made from almonds, honey, cacao and sugar has its origins in the Orient. According to legend, it is from there that the Sienese Riccardetto della Gherardesca brought this sweet home with him. It is a special marzipan mass, coarse-grained and originally enriched with candied fruits and vanilla, shaped like a rhombus. In a number of old recipes in which marzipan is mentioned, the so-called “Sienese style marzapanetti” are mentioned. It is only recently that the term “Ricciarelli” has established itself for this almond biscuit.

These pastries from Siena are one of the most delicate almond pastries and are valued worldwide. The Ricciarelli go wonderfully with all dessert wines and, of course, especially with the Tuscan Vin Santo.

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Nutritional Information

per 100g
Calorific value 446.00 kcal / 1867.31 kj
fat 23.20 g
-hereof: saturated fatty acids 1.80 g
Carbohydrates 52.12 g
-of which sugars 51.09 g
Protein 10.48 g
salt 1.70 g

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