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Salamino Toscano Mignon

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Salami Toscano is perhaps the classic of the classics, the salami par excellence, with a thousand-year history .

This salami, emblem of the Tuscan pork-butchery tradition, has a savoury and very aromatic taste and despite the long aging it does not show acidity.

Salami Toscano is used in appetizers , accompanied by olives. It is also one of the most used salami to garnish sandwiches. This salami with a rather savoury taste also finds its place in the kitchen, accompanying well dishes based on legumes – chickpeas, beans, lentils, and is indicated in all preparations together with fruit such as the summer dish of salami and figs .


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A tradition that is renewed every season

Salami Toscano does not have a precise production disciplinary, but has been made in the same way for centuries. By combining a part of lean meat from the thigh and shoulder with a part of fatty meat from the dorsal region. Salt, spices and the right level of seasoning.
This is the basic recipe , to which each one then makes his variations. The fat is cut into cubes of different sizes and the drying varies according to the weight of the salami. The color at the end at the moment of tasting is a beautiful dark and bright red .

How it’s made: the processing of Salami Toscano

When we talk about ‘salami’ in these parts we all mean the same thing. The classic soft and tasty Tuscan salami , which in the tradition is prepared according to the old family recipe . The method of preparation is artisanal, in full respect of the meat and of the curing times, and has remained almost unchanged over the decades.

To prepare this salami they start from the choice of lean pork, the mullet tradition prefers a part of the shoulder which is called sorra and the shoulder rosette . The two parts are completely degreased and deprived of any nerve that could be hard on the palate (in the jargon “pull the shoulder”). Separately they prepare the grasselli with lard (deriving from the dorsal area) cut into rather large cubes. Eventually the proportions of fat to lean are roughly 5 to 1.

After a careful selection, the lean shoulder is ground very finely and kneaded together with the grasselli, salt and a careful mix of spices – including garlic and peppercorns. The mixing phase of this salami is very long and takes place in two stages, during which the lean and the grasselli must bind perfectly without air bubbles forming.

Salami Toscano is stuffed into natural casings of different caliber, to meet the needs of customers. After a short hot drying phase, it is aged in well-ventilated rooms for a period ranging from two to six months, depending on the diameter. In fact, it is a salami that needs a long seasoning to express its best.

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