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Bio Lemonade “Limonata”

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Bottle 275ml/ Pack of 4


With 16% of “Limone di Siracusa PGI” juice

For the BIO Lemonade they only use the juice of the ” Lemon of Syracuse IGP “. This citrus, grown only in Syracuse and harvested by hand, is characterized by a juice rich in vitamin C and citric acid, naturally fresh and balanced with a peel rich in essential oils. Combined with water from the slopes of Etna, it gives its admirers intense aromas and an unmistakable taste, pleasantly sour and thirst-quenching.

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A brand that focuses on the aromas and flavours of the most authentic part of Southern Italy, Sibat Tomarchio, operating since 1920 and still a family owned company, is the market leader in Sicily in the sector of fruit drinks. Its longevity and success are based on a number of factors ranging from the choice of the raw materials used to the ethics and vision of its management. It is on the strength of this that Sibat Tomarchio crossed the domestic boundaries to join the international scene in the sector of fruit beverages.

The flavours’ secrets

There are three secrets to getting delicious flavour. First of all, they only use citruses and fruits from Sicily, from the local supply chain, some of which are organic and certified. They are working together with the district of Sicilian citrus, which includes the Consortium of Red Sicilian Oranges, the PGI Syracuse Lemon, the PDO Orange of Ribera, and the Tangerine of Ciaculli. Tormachios drinks feature 16-20% fruit juice, which is higher than the market average. Second, the water they use is sourced from Mount Etna, which has a peculiar mineralization and thus a unique taste. The third secret to delicious drinks is to use revisited, traditional, craft processes. For example, they still use essential oils of citrus fruit, which they buy from the local growers.  Tormachio were the first in their industry (fruit juice) to introduce a traceable organic raw materials’ supply chain, that is a short, monitored and controlled supply chain. Tormachio maintain close relationships with growers, they talk to them directly, and they know the places where the fruit is cultivated, they consider the wine sector as their role model on this.

The new line

Tomarchio BIO (Organic) is the first project in the Sicilian citrus industry with a controlled chain, thanks to a collaboration with the citrus district of Sicily and Producers Association PGI. Six organic products which remind us about the fragrances, the harmony and the colors of Sicily.


Ingredients: water, organic “Siracusa Lemon PGI” (16%)*, cane sugar*, carbon dioxide, citric acid, natural flavorings, ascorbic acid.
*From organic farming.

Energy: 188 kj/44 kcal
Fats: 0 gr.
of which saturates: 0 gr.
Carbohydrates: 11 gr.
of which sugars: 11 gr.
Proteins: 0 gr.
Salt: 0,02 gr.

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