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Intense red colour with violet glints. Lightly sparkling with a delicate sweetness. Well-balanced and easy-drinking, with wild berry and cherry fruit.


Food pairing: Very food friendly! Best with pasta, pizza, lasagne, tortellini, ham, salami and desserts.


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Serving temperature:  Serve chilled to enhance the natural “frizzante” 8-10° C

Classification: IGT

Region: Emilia Romagna

Grape varieties: Lambrusco

Alcohol: 8 %


Cantina Danese was founded in the small municipality of Ronchi (Veneto) in 1950. At first it was a small association, whose task was to sell wine in barrels or large bottles taverns and wholesalers of northern Italy. In the 80 years the company is transformed into a joint stock company, divided among the three cousins ​​Danese, and adapts to changes in the market, starting to produce bottled wine. Already in the 90’s Cantina Danese renews and increases production capacity. In 1997, the winery has completely passed into the hands of Mario and Luke Danese, making it a modern and dynamic company, is now able to produce about 12 million bottles of wine annually. Mission Cantina Danese is the production of not only wine, but high quality drinks, expressing the history, culture and traditions of the region. A wide range of companies able to meet any customer demand.


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