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Red Lentils Fusilli

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Delicious gluten free fusilli made only from red lentil flour, giving it a sweet and nutty flavour. Fusilli is native to the central and northern part of Italy and owes its name to the spindle (in Italian, fuso) around which the wool was wound. A perfect protein fix for vegans!

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Ingredients: Red lentil flour, Water

Tips for Cooking: Prepare 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of product to be cooked in a large pot; add coarse salt (about 10 – 12 grams per liter); bring to the boil; add the pasta and cook for the indicated time. Strain and season to taste.

How to enjoy: A great base to lavish with any vegetable or tomato based sauce, fish and seafood recipes.

Orign: Family tradition has spanned five generations at Antico Pastificio Morelli. Their use of wheat germ has succeeded in obtaining a pasta with a unique and delicious taste, which releases a wonderful aroma on cooking. A vast range of specialities are now produced based on traditional craft techniques.



Conservation Conditions: Keep in a dry place away from cereals

Allergens: Manufactured in a factory that also processes products based on eggs, fish, shellfish derivatives.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product
Energy value (Kcal): 336
Energy value (Kj): 1416
Proteins (g): 25
Carbohydrates (g): 46
Sugars (g): 0.8
Dietary fibers (g): 15
Fat ( g): 2.2
Saturated fatty acids (g): 0.3
Salt (g): 0.1

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